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Vous êtes ici : Accueil / CAPIC opposes the new TC Media contract, which strips freelancers of their rights.

CAPIC opposes the new TC Media contract, which strips freelancers of their rights.

Montreal, February 26, 2013 — TC Media (also known as Transcontinental Inc.), publisher of magazines such as Coup de pouce, Les affaires and Elle Canada, as well as dozens of regional newspapers across Canada, is trying to impose an abusive new contract on its freelancers. The conditions of this contract weaken the rights of everyone in the editorial field and impair the viability and integrity of their trade.

TC Media requires that its freelancers waive the copyrights and moral rights associated with their photographs, videos, texts and illustrations. It thus arrogates the right to republish the freelancers’ works on all platforms and under all corporate trade-marks, worldwide, in perpetuity, without any compensation or subsequent authorization by the author. TC Media also requires the right to alter the freelancers’ work as it sees fit, and the right to remove the freelancer’s signature or retain the signature after making changes unilaterally.

In short, TC Media is claiming the same rights to its freelancers’ work as those it holds to its employees’ work, while keeping the freelance rates down. CAPIC is opposed to any unlimited assignment of rights in a freelance context.

CAPIC invites its members and the entire community of freelancers to refuse to sign this abusive and dangerous contract because it will be a very harmful precedent for all freelance content creators in Canada and Quebec. CAPIC therefore recommends amending the terms of this contract to limit its scope.

CAPIC, in association with the Regroupement des Artistes en Arts Visuels (RAAV), has taken steps to meet the senior executives of TC Media to try to persuade them to amend this contract so that it is fairer for freelancers. This concerted action is supported by Illustration Québec (IQ), the Association des Journalistes Indépendants du Québec (AJIQ) and the Canadian Media Guild (CMG). We invite all other concerned associations to join this coalition.

We invite you to share this news release with your colleagues working in the editorial field — particularly with those who are freelancing at TC Media.

Contact CAPIC at this dedicated address: (

About CAPIC : CAPIC is a Canada-wide not-for-profit association dedicated to promoting the work of photographers and illustrators in communications, defending their interests and promoting high quality standards in the practice of their trade. It brings together more than 600 of the best photographers and illustrators in Canada.

CAPIC est une association pancanadienne sans but lucratif dédiée à la valorisation du travail des photographes et des illustrateurs en communications, à la défense de leurs intérêts, et à la promotion de standards de qualité élevés dans la pratique de leur métier.
Elle regroupe plus de 600 photographes et illustrateurs parmi les meilleurs au pays.
CAPIC Montréal est une branche régionale de CAPIC, et est entièrement gérée par des membres bénévoles.
CAPIC Montréal rassemble une communauté engagée dans la défense de conditions de travail justes et respectueuses pour les photographes professionnels par la création d’un milieu professionnel stimulant, créatif, rigoureux et équitable.